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1. Quick Turnaround

Digital label printing doesn't require plates – so you don't have to pay for a printing plate for each color in your label. No plates also means a shorter setup time so your labels are printed faster. Custom labels printed on a digital label press can be printed in less time, so you receive your labels faster.

2. High Quality

When it comes to product labels, vibrant high-quality graphics grab the most attention. Our Digital label press will print at a resolution of almost double that of traditional flexographic labels. Your labels will have crisp clear images and life-like colours.

3. Price

No plates and less time setting up presses means costs for digital label printing are very low for short to medium run label production as compared to flexographic labels.

"Gang running" - this is a term that refers to the ability to combine several different designs into a single printing press job. In flexographic printing, this is not as effective - as each custom label design requires separate plates and setup and therefore each product carries substantially more cost overheads. In digital printing, you can "gang" together multiple labels and designs (so long as they’re the same size) into a single job.

4. Short Run Label Capability

The cost benefit is maximized for relatively small quantities of custom labels or "short run labels. This way you can order only the products you need, rather than a huge number of custom labels just to get the best unit price - which obviously affects your cash flow in a positive way.

5. Design Flexibility

In order to be competitive, you need to constantly improve your product label designs. The cost of reprinting labels can be prohibitive due to plate charges and setup fees. If you have multiple product label designs, costs can add up even quicker. Again, with digital label printing there are no plate or setup fees, so we can start printing your new custom labels right away.

Whether you want to include names from a database, consecutive numbers, multiple barcodes, or just several versions of the same label, digital printing can handle it with ease.