Special Print Finishes

Capabilities · Special Print Finishes

Hot Foil Stamping

At Digilabels we are able to embellish your printing with Hot Foil Stamping; whether it be labels, tags, scratch cards, or anything we print, we can foil stamp it to your exacting specifications. We are able to offer an unrivalled range of colours, including opaque, metallic, holographic, and tamper evident foils. Hot Foiled labels are a great way to enhance your design that will truly separate you from many other products on the store shelves.


We offer custom embossing, whether it is single dimension or Bi level. At Digilabels our embossing capabilities allows us to provide you with the most cost effective alternatives for your embossed label project each and every time. We can provide inexpensive high definition sculpted embossed digital labels that will give your brand the attention it deserves.


At Digilabels we provide self-laminating to your labels to protect them from extreme temperature, chemicals, solvents or from general wetting.

• Clear portion wraps around and laminates the legend
• Legend is easily visible
• Legend is protected from spills and scratches
• Label completely wraps around the vial, tube, or slide

UV Labels

Protect your brand. Don’t let your labels be damaged by the elements. UV labels are coated to protect them from damage such as excessive exposure to sunlight. Your label’s colours will stay vibrant longer, extending shelf appeal. At Digilabels whether it is full flood or spot UV coating we are capable of execute your finishing needs to your exact requirements.