Artwork Guidelines

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Please submit files in Adobe Illustrator format. 
(Other file formats may require significantly longer set up time.) Preferred file set-up guidelines for AI files:

Placed Images

  • Please supply high resolution images (300 ppi or greater).
  • Please supply images in CMYK format. RGB images will be converted to CMYK; once converted, the color of the converted file will sometimes differ greatly from the original RGB file.
  • Please supply clipping paths with the images.
  • Please supply all supporting, placed files used in the art file.


  • Our press is a 4-color printing device. Pantone colors inside an art file will be converted to the 4-color process representation of that specific Pantone color. At times, the 4-color process representation of a specific Pantone color will differ greatly (please refer to the Pantone Bridge Color swatch book.)
  • Please supply a current, hard copy color target for reference. (This reference target is important for 4-color process images.)

Additional File Information:

  • Please include all fonts used in art file. It is preferred that all fonts be converted to outlines as this will eliminate any font-related issues and help speed the artwork through the prepress process.
  • Please include a dieline of the label shape. This will help show the placement of the art inside the die cut as well as provide verification of the label size.
  • Artwork must be 1/16” from die cut.
  • Please provide the artwork with a 1/16” (.0625”) bleed. Bleeds must extend 1/16” (.0625”) past die cut.
  • Please avoid hairline rules; minimum rule weight should be .5 pt.
  • Avoid text smaller than 4 pts. (especially when reversed or for the symbols ®, ©, TM, etc.)
  • If Pattern Varnish is required, please indicate where Pattern Varnish is to be placed.
  • If there are any areas that need to be backed with White, these areas should be copied to a separate layer indicated as Spot White.

Files may be submitted via the following media or transfer methods:

  • Please make sure you are attaching the files directly off of your desktop and not through a link or sub folders.
  • Compress all files (Stuffed or Zipped) before submitting.


  • CD, memory stick or email
  • Files up to 5mb in size can be emailed to