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Cutting Edge Digital Printing Technology

With our green printing technology we have the ability to print on virtually any substrate or material, including films, metallics, static cling and paper stocks, with no additional coating of materials required while, the actual structure of the digitally printed dot retains the exact size and shape it was intended to be in your original art file. Because this print method is “one shot printing” where all colours are printed at one time, without trap lines is really perfect registration.

Flexo versus Digital Comparison Chart


Our Digital Technology

Advantages Of Digital Over Flexo

Printing Plate Charges

Computer to Print – No Plate Charges

Save Big on set-up Charges with Digital for new Jobs

Added set-up Cost of paper and ink in order to get an acceptable print quality on printing press.

No Ink matching/mixing, no setup stock needed for registration.

Significant Overall savings especially on multiple SKUs

Colours and Registration prone to Fluctuation

Colour Density and Registration managed automatically in line by computer and remains consistent.

Less Wastage and rejections due to more consistent Print Quality.

Variable Data expensive and impractical

Computerized number Sequencing for Batch coding and versioning.

Ability to program variable data printing and versioning.

Barcode verification is done off line

Barcode verification is executed using Meta Data and verified inline 

All barcodes are readable due to in line process control.