Technology · Eco-Friendly


At Digilabels our commitment to reducing the impact to the environment was pivotal to the selection of our printing technology. To this end we opted to invest in the most environmental safe printing process available, which offers us the following advantages:

  No VOCs emissions

  No dangerous chemicals

  CPSIA compliant

  Fully de-inkable and recyclable prints

  FDA compliancy for indirect and direct food packaging applications

Our Green Pledge

We at Digilabels, pledge to reduce toxic waste and endeavour to use recyclable/Bio degradable materials. To this end we will dispose properly for recycling, and use Bio Degradable materials wherever possible. We will conserve on our natural resources by using less water, turning off taps when not in use and keep wastage from our process by engaging best practices and by continually seeking new and better approaches. We will continue to conserve on power consumption and the release of Hydro carbons into our environment by switching off lights, computers,
and air conditioning when not in use and by investing in energy efficient tools and equipment wherever possible. We promise to dispose of all waste safely and properly, and most importantly to build awareness about the environment and protection of our resource.